Ready for a Financial Recession?

You probably remember the 2008 recession and you have most likely heard of Bull and Bear Markets, but let’s define the two. 

We all love Bull Markets, they are extended periods of time where the value of assets and securities rise. This is where it is easy to invest and make money.

In comparison, a Bear Market is an extended period of time where prices are decreasing. This is often where people loose it all. 

So how do you successfuly manage a Bear Market or what many are calling a looming recession.

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5 Smart Investing Principles

When it comes to investing, there is no shortage of strategies and principles that you could subscribe to. Honestly, it can be very overwhelming at times.

If you’re starting your investment journey, however, we believe these 5 principles are crucial before making any major decisions; especially if you’re making these decisions independently of a financial advisor. 

Since 1930, directly after the great depression, the average bull market has lasted 9.1 years whereas the average bear market has lasted about 1.4 years. It’s been about 13 years since the last Bear market. Many believe the markets are over inflated.

Here are 3 Key points to consider ahead of a Financial Recession. 
  • Discover Put Options. This is a unique investment strategy where your options appreciate in value when the value of a stock depreciates.
  • Be mindful of Quantitative Easing and its impact on the stock market. Since Covid, central banks and the Federal Reserve have been pouring newly printed money into government bonds and corporate stocks. This encourages investing in the market and attempts at keeping rates low. The risk, however, is an increased rate of inflation.
  • In the Recession of 2008, stocks lost nearly 54% of their value from peak. 

The best thing you can do to prepare for a recession is to protect yourself! 
The best way for you to protect yourself in a season like we are in is to connect with a Professional Financial Advisor who has been trained to monitor Bull and Bear markets, identify when and how to invest in current and forthcoming market conditions. Not only will this save you from losing more than you should, but it will reduce your risk and exposure to the incoming volatility. 

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